2013 Iron Butt Rally - The Inside View

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Jun 8, 2005
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And so it begins...

The 2013 Iron Butt Rally begins at 10:00:00am EDT on Monday, July 1, from the Pittsburgh Marriott North in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Many of our riders are streaming into the western Pennsylvania region as I type this: current Spotwalla map of IBR riders inbound to Cranberry.

There are strong rumors that the evil and dastardly Rallymistress, Lisa Landry, has a direct line to God. It appears she whispered something in His ear about re-creating the monsoon we saw at the Start of the 2007 IBR:


60% chance of rain the morning of the Start - pretty awesome!

This thread will be pinned and will serve as the main 2013 IBR thread. As we did in 2011, we will have guest commentators comprised of previous IBR veterans who will provide some interesting analysis, I am sure.

Here we go.... this oughta be good....

Oh boy oh boy oh boy... really enjoyed following along vicariously last time... looking forward to doing so again this time!! Best of luck and safe travels to all! B)

I can't wait to keep an eye on this! I met some of these folks on the Mason-Dixon 20/20 rally. Great bunch of people.

Looks like I'll spend the rest of the day pushing work projects back two to three weeks.

Also firing up my computer on my desk that will be dedicated to the spotwalla page for the time being.

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Thanks for the source of news.

Looking forward to a nice little 1200 mile weekend ride up to NorCal to cheer everyone on!

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I'm gonna get out in front of this one and be pulling for Fazer Phil - I believe he ended up 40something in '11 on an FZ1 and he's back for more this year. I love my FZ1 but I'm getting a hemorrhoid just thinking about putting >10k miles on it in a couple of weeks.

Go Phil!!

Big thank you for putting this up again this year Dale.

Not that I ever think about doing the IBR myself 'cause I already know that come day 3, I'm not getting out of bed.

But I do love to follow along and enjoy the role of armchair quarterback.

What airboss said. I also appreciate the insight given by all the folks who are involved, or have been involved in the past.

Any list of riders/bikes published yet? Is Austin going to write a day by day again?
Not quite yet. And it's not Tom Austin who is doing the Daily Reports this year... I am please to tell you that Robert Higdon is BACK, and he will be authoring the Daily Reports, just as he did for many, many past IBRs!

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