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FWIW, PR2s have a similar tread pattern. The front looks as if it is mounted backwards; the tread would appear to funnel water toward the center of the tire. The rear PR2, like the Dunlap, appears more normal.

- JimY

Hey! I am still waiting for one of you numnuts to tell me if the little triangles are TWI locators. :p

Since it's so quiet, I will take it that they are and that you are all now embarrassed to say so.

BTW, the RoadSmart predecessor, the Dunlop D220 which I currently have on the FJR have those little triangles, and they are TWI locators. Also, for anyone who really cares, both front and rear are Viva La France!!!!

I should have a set of RoadSmart's arriving tomorrow so I'll check them out. I'll be spooning them on this weekend in preparation for some nice long rides coming up.

Everything you need to know about tires is explained very thoroughly at this site:
Vast well of knowledge about tires.


(I believe the triangle means this side out. Or, valve stem goes here.)

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Ah, yes. It's all so clear to me now. :blink:

Other than the triangles. Where are all these made? Le France, or Japan?
My front tire is made in Japan and my rear tire is made in France. I guess that explains my sudden desire to eat some pate de foie gras sushi, invade some South Pacific islands and then surrender.
Now that's funny!

I just checked...mine are also rear=France, front=Japan. Wierd combo. It says "Made in Japan by Sumitomo Industries."

My guess is Dunlop wanted a front Dual Compound to compete with the PR2, and buying it was quicker than building it themselves.

I also thought the front tread was backwards when it was first mounted (Try having that conversation with your wife :huh: ).

It appears that water would channel to the center of the tire. Then I did some moderately high-speed riding in hard rain, and it works. Not sure how it sheds water, but it certainly does.

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I just replaced my tires with the roadsmarts after reading this thread.. Thanks.. Im looking forward to testing em out myself..

Has anybody heard of Roadsmarts delaminating (or coming apart) on FJRs?

No, but in my opinion it gets a unique raised area (not flat spot) on the center of the tire. After a while it feels like a bias ply tire on the concrete freeway grooves, you're all over the place. This has happened to two sets of tires. The front gets a raised area about ¾ to 1 inch wide. It then starts to cup and just become a POS. I only had the second set because it came with the bike. I just mounted a new set of PR2s, Im so happy now.
My Dunlop Roadsmart clicky.

You can see from the pix in my clicky how much tread I had left and after this it quickly wears out. Ill never buy them again and never recommend them to anyone.

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I've run 4 sets of RoadSmarts on my bike and never experienced a problem. Not one. I got average 7k out of them, and they stuck very well. The wet performance was very good. I never had a RS move out from under me, except for the couple times I hit gravel. The bike shifted, but the tires caught and there were no issues.

The raised center thing seems to be an area related issue. Lots of guys in Georgia, TN, and the Carolinas had an issue. In NM with lots of mixed roads, mine never did that. I did get a slight rise on one or two of the fronts, but nothing extreme.

I'm under the impression that the RS are very sensitive to pressure. I ran mine 42 front and 43 rear...Never cupped or went wonky.

If you don't like the front, lots of guys are running a RS rear and a Perelli Angel front...