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Jan 19, 2006
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Greer, SC
Got home about 3:15 today, rode with Allen_C on those really twisty roads in NW IL

Thanks for the all work that Rick and Marty put in. Next stop EOM

Started out with a rear tire flat. Brand freaking new tire! Turns out the wrench monkey that put the tire on broke the little valve thingy inside the valve stem. Turvy was awesome and followed me over to Wal-Mart for a valve tool. I have everything else to fix a flat, except the one tool I need. Why does that always happen? I could carry every tool I have and still not have the one I need on the side of the road.

When I couldn't get the pin out because of the flanges being busted off, I realized the valve tool has a part for drilling it out by hand. So I pulled the pin and used the tool to drill it out, put a new pin thing in and filled it up. Then I thought I heard a hissing and after much close inspection by myself and Turvy we found a tiny hole in the tread. First string, no joy. Second string, success.

Turvy was kind enough to follow me for a while and after a repair check about 60 miles miles down the road, I thanked him and he headed on his way. Super nice guy.

Awesome people we have here!

Anyway... home safe, after a fantastic time with all of you knuckleheads.

Whoops, Great minds think alike. I just started a thread too.

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I started the same thread at the same time. I'll have them close/delete this one (Cuz mine's better

Actually, Griff was 2 minutes quicker. :) Glad to hear a great time was had, and that you're getting home safe.

Home at last. Turned a 5 hour ride into 9.

Thinking PI, P, G, E, EE, and O are magnet roads they just suck ya right in.

Oh sure, flat tire or not you have arrived home. I am the sole remaining rider left at the motel. I will be flying out tomorrow morning WITHOUT my bike. So you all can keep this thread going and rub it in. (LOL)

Thanks to all for another great gathering! Great to see familiar faces and meet unmet riders. Special thanks to Derek and Rick for going the extra mile to help me out. AND sorry to the rest of the riders for delaying their riding with my bike's displaying of the oil it once possessed.

I will see some of you at EOM soon!

Got home a little while ago. Showered, unpacked and eating a home cooked meal.

Had a great time again this year and as usual, thanks to all those who made it possible

Marty...Glad you made it home ok. As far as your words...you are way too kind. I believe that just about anyone else in that group would have tried to help you out. I just happened at the right time and was going the same way. BTW...Really impressed with the problem solving skills in a Wal-Mart parking lot. I could use a crew of 0Face clones where I work.


Stopped in Whalen, MN for a slice of wild blueberry pie (Awesome!) on the way home. Always a pleasure to put faces to screen names and screen names to real names. Didn't always get all three at the same time, but I'll try again next year. Great job as always Rick!

Just got back from dinner and staying at Busts place tonight. Will attempt to cross the border tomorrow and then across Toronto. I have to stop at Ray's place to give him his shirt so depending on time I will either be home by early afternoon or I might have to wait out Toronto Rush Hour and get home much later.

Arrived home without incident. Another great time in LaCrosse, WI and the surrounding area!

If you didn't attend, you missed it!

Thanks to Rick C, Marty, Chris F. and the rest who made it all possible.

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Got home at 5:15...681 miles, just over 11 hours, and just in time for dinner. 1971 miles for the weekend, had a great time.

Wayne, thanks again for the escort down 90 to 39 to 80 east. The wind was at my back all the way home, once I was on 80. I did run into some pretty nasty rain in Indiana, to the Ohio border

Home safe and sound, wandered a little just enough to avoid the big roads but pretty much just headed for the barn. As much fun as we had this weekend it's great to be home.

I stopped at little cafe and had some breakfast on the way home. Spent an hour talking to some really old fella about travels and life and such. Felt like I was still at the rally...

Made it home with no incidents. Had a nice lunch along the river.

Deb and I had a great time meeting many of you and running the rally was a lot of fun.

Thanks to Rick, Marty, Chris and the rest that made the weekend a blast.

Arrived home at 6:45pm ET. Total miles were a bit over 1,800. Now to get ready for EOM!