"The Why Not" gravel road

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Apr 19, 2007
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Pacific Northwet [Woodinville, WA]
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I think Dave has led both Rich and I down this road before so it wasn't our first rodeo. I have a few shots I'll try and add later.

“The Why Not" gravel road”?

I’ll tell you why: I drove down a paved road that turned into gravel on my 2010 Vmax and no where to turn around. I rode it maybe 3 miles gorilla gripping it the whole time. All I could think of was dropping and scratching it all up.
No thanks! I’ve ridden dirt bikes all my life and I know the difference; Street tires are for pavement and knobbies are for gravel.
Good for you guys though, I,m sure it was worth it.
16 Miles of pavement to get to 16 miles of gravel. But it was worth the price of admission, even if we were riding sports touring street bike. Skalkaho Falls.

Awesome country!

Can't say they didn't warn us.

Once Rich climbed up, I had no choice but to climb too.

Clean, two owner unit, only used for going to church on Sunday.

Rich, the rock climber.

It's really fun dancing with fat girls. 700+ Pounds. Panman [Kevin], Rich [Curly Joe] and Neihart [Dave].

My Hero!