Long-Distance Endurance MT10 Project

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Nice write up project. Question, only a 260 mile range? w the aux tank?

Correct. The MT-10 engine is notoriously thirsty right from the factory; after most owners have their ECU flashed for performance, mpg falls even further to 29-30mpg. So after flashing, low fuel light illuminates in 90-100 mile range. Obviously no good for Nevada purposes.

I bought the bike with the ECU already flashed, so I had it flashed back to factory specs. Between that, and dropping 2 teeth in the rear, I can get a consistent 34-35mpg, unless I go into Warchild-mode. A total of 8.8 gallons of fuel will have the low-fuel light illuminating somewhere at ~ 250-260 miles
Winter projects for the MT-10 includes a stunningly gorgeous carbon fiber headlight cowling. But you talk about a tedious install... oof! :confused:

First, removing all the factory front end:


This was not really a fun task...


There are quite a number of bit pieces/trim to move over from OEM cowling to the carbon fiber cowling. Key was obtaining a stubby 90-degree ratcheting Phillips-head driver (seen below, just above fastener bags) for dealing with those two lower mounting fasteners.

I bagged and tagged every set of fasteners removed in an attempt to avoid any leftover fasteners. :rolleyes: Hey... it's a goal!


Orange arrows below point to the upper two of four main retention screws that affix the headlight assembly to the nose of the bike. The upper bolts are cake to get to; the lower two are buried deep - the stubby 90-degree Phillips-driver saves a lot of cussing.


Left upper retention fastener. As mentioned, it's the lower two fasteners that are a butt-pain; they are a bit too close to the steering neck for regular stubby screwdrivers.


Oh, yes... Yes..... YEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥


More to come, I am not done here yet... :cool:
I had 2 first gen MT10’s and now have a second gen. Incredible bikes. I’ve done a few comfort/distance mods to mine but nothing near what you have done.
Awesome job!
This is turning out to be quite the winter make-over. Now I am in the Death Grip if installing Spiegler SS Brake lines. This is a slightly painful process due to all the ABS plumbing. Got some HEL interlopers on my Spiegler Stainless Steel line kit. Those four bleeders are for the ABS pump:


Stainless steel drama shot under the triple tree.


Most of the bike is black, so I just went with clear silver lines, silver fittings and stainless banjos to provide some contrast.


Lots of soft lines and hard lines. All of these lines are just for the front brake.

This is more intensive major surgery than I was hoping for. Not all that close to wrapping up this job; I have Samco hoses coming from England, so I have to leave the engine bay torn asunder until they arrive and are installed. Can't say I am looking forward to the bleeding job here...