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  1. Eric B

    Spirit Lake Hwy

    On Saturday, I rode down to Mt. St. Helens. I blasted down on I-5 to Hwy 505 and on to Hwy 504, Spirit Lake Hwy. Thanks to the cloudy weather, there was surprisingly little traffic for a Saturday. I was able to ride the twisty bits at a good clip without being held-up or having to pass many...
  2. Eric B

    FS 52/Skate Creek Road & Hwy 7

    I took my first ride of the year on Skate Creek Road from Ashford to Packwood on Thursday. The road is nice and clean. The frost heaves and slumps seem a liitle worse than last year though. There is just a little bit of gravel here and there on the Packwood end. It still was a fun ride...
  3. Eric B

    PNW Spring Tech Meet #12

    I probably won't be able to make it. Have fun!
  4. Eric B

    PNW Spring Tech Meet #12

    I might be able to make it. I am not sure if I will have to go to work instead.
  5. Eric B

    90 degree Valve Stems

    The place I took mine to sais they made the mistake of not using thread locker compound on an installation. The guy got a complete flat in a few miles. They said they haven't heard of a failure since they used thread locker on their installs per the valve stem instructions. I've got two tire...
  6. Eric B

    Seattle Motorcycle Show Breakfast, Saturday 2-15 @ 8:00am

    I will not make breakfast due to working tonight but I'll be going to the show.
  7. Eric B

    Clearwater Lights Group Buy 2014 (Feb. 1st - Feb. 28th)

    I was thinking the same thing about using the Darlas on the mirror mount because I like the smaller housing but would still like lights mounted higher up on the bike.
  8. Eric B

    new 2012 in Auburn, WA

    Just in case anyone is interested, I noticed that Hinshaw's has a brand new 2012 on the show room floor. They have it listed at $10,990. This might be a pretty good deal for someone that doesn't need or desire a Gen 3.
  9. Eric B

    Big Money Rally 2014

    I will only have 1 day off per week while in training through at least mid April. With fitting in some family time, I don't see much riding in the near future except for commuting.
  10. Eric B

    So there I was...

    Yeah, it was just one of those days. I decided to share since most people here can probably relate. I posted more for the entertainment than anything. And yes, it was still good time spent in the garage with the bike versus doing random tasks around the house!
  11. Eric B

    Big Money Rally 2014

    I really wanted to try this out this year, but I am starting a new job/career next week and I won't have much riding time. You guys have fun!
  12. Eric B

    So there I was...

    On Wednesday, I decided it was time to get some maintenance done on my 2008. Within the first few minutes, I already had a problem, I stripped the two fuel tank front mount bolts while trying to remove them. Shit! Some dipshit (me), must have over-tightened them the last time the tank was...
  13. Eric B

    Seattle Area: Lowered FJR to sit on?

    SeattleTy's FJR is lowered but I think he has a Russel seat on it. It would be worth a shot to contact him and make sure you have a stock seat to try.
  14. Eric B

    GPS Mounting Location

    Here is what i wound up doing: