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    Sad News About Big Sky

    Very sorry to hear this.......
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    Most HATED Farkle or Accessory

    Yeah, my Chatterbox "experiment" was a failure, worst farkle I ever bought. It functioned OK, but not enough volume at any speed over 40 mph. Plus, I got tired of people calling me on my cell phone when I was riding, it was distracting, and I usually had to slow way down, or stop, to hear.
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    RIP Beemerdons

    Thanks Marc, very good job!
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    Prelude to adventure

    It's getting really cloudy and windy down here around Salmon ........ Rain seems imminent. NWS says 70% tonight and 60% tomorrow, chances for heavy rain. Like you said earlier though, at least you probably won't have to deal with smoke!! Good luck! Bob
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    Prelude to adventure

    That's just "up the road" from here!! I would like to do that sometime, but I was thinking about taking my 4x4 truck! Looking forward to the Ride Report, and have fun! Bob
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    Paul and Tammy's 2wk Grand Canyon SW Adventure

    WOW!! Thanks for posting this!
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    A wandering ramble through the American South West. Part 1 - Southern Utah and Part 2 - Colorado and New Mexico.

    I enjoyed reading your blog, Just rode a lot of that during SWFOG, but like others said, my pictures don't turn out like yours! I hope you guys don't kill each other! Bob
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    A new kind of poser

    The Posers (mostly riding HD's) are thick these days, coming through Salmon. You know, when the temperature gets over 80 degrees they suddenly "hatch" and are all over the roads! Big swarms of them moving slowly and noisily! I'll have to watch out for the Brit Boys, if they venture this far...
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    Official SW-FOG 2015 Announcement: 5/28-31, THU-SUN!

    Geezer Said: "Add the risk of wearing out the tire on the road to the fact that a new tire just handles so much better than a worn one, and I will not head out for a long trip without new rubber. I have a stack of half used tires that I will probably never use." Me too, the 1/2 worn out tire...
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    Reuben Run 4

    +1 AMEN!!!
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    let's use our heads.

    Ray, sorry to hear of this. Man, there's been a bunch of motorcycle fatalities around south eastern Idaho during the past month. It's not good!
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    SWFOG 2015 The videos

    Marc, As always, excellent work!! Makes me want to go back there already! Bob
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    Official SW-FOG 2015 Announcement: 5/28-31, THU-SUN!

    I took a few pics. My trip down to SWFOG started on Wednesday, traveling to Ely to meet up with some folks headed to Cedar City for that event. I learned one thing, when you see a wall of "rain" in the distance and then ride through it, it might actually be hail, and it hurts like hell to ride...
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    Official SW-FOG 2015 Announcement: 5/28-31, THU-SUN!

    Made it back to Salmon, departing @ 0813 from Cedar City, and arriving @ 1644 MST (624 miles). I got rained on again!! SWFOG was a really fun time, and looking forward to the Good, Bad, and Ugly pictures and Ride Reports!!
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    Official SW-FOG 2015 Announcement: 5/28-31, THU-SUN!

    Woke up here in Salmon to low clouds and rain. Weather guy is saying it's going to be an active day for rain, wind and potentially hail. I will depart for Ely within a couple of hours. Looks like it will be a cool, wet ride to SWFOG, and a toasty, dry ride back home!!