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Thanks for hosting such a fantastic event, Ray. The caterers were cutting 24-ounce slabs of prime rib. I'm surprised the paper plates could hold them. Yes, I ate it all...and the potatoes, vegetables, salad, and roll. Don Carver will vouch for me. I got to meet a great number of wonderful people and reconnect with some I already knew. Niehart even shared pie with me. I got to ride with bigjohnsd from Portland to Lapine and room with him at the Best Western. You couldn't meet a finer man. Fontanaman organized a ride that Elliott and I attended. He was a superb ride leader and we saw a lot of the interesting features around the area on Saturday while the three of us got to know each other. Sorry you had to patiently watch Elliott and me eat lunch, Jim. It rained on me Sunday on the way to Portland and it rained on me today on my way home to Seattle but it was all good. My paper GPS even worked in the rain. I hope to see you all again next year.

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Thanks Raymundo for the great event,
the nice shirt, and the maintenance assistance on Sunday.

Just sorry that my damn cold kept me from riding on Saturday,
but I had a great time anyway courtesy of Roger.
I got to ride to Bend in his cool 52 Chevy pickup/hot rod and a tour of his fabulous shop.

Roger has a real cool old bike hanging on his wall, a 52 Allstate "Twingle" most likely made by Puch.


Don Carver and I had a great ride to "Bugs" and Gayle Plumley's on Monday including a run down one of my favorite roads, the LaPorte Quincy Road, upon which we encountered no logging trucks and very little other traffic.


WTF now I can't get photos to appear

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Thanks Ray and the girls for put this together again. The people, roads and food were awesome as always.

Here are a few of my pictures.

We took the shortcut through Bickleton, WA to have a burger at the Bluebird Inn. The Mabton/Bickleton/Goldendale Highway is worth the extra time and mileage.


My windshield need a little help at the end of the first day.


But it was worth a few bugs to get to our first nights lodging.





What a great but expensive place to sit around the fire and talk about the first days ride and about all of the sparks flying off the Harley Davidson in the corners. Imperial River Company in Maupin, OR,


From Maupin it was into what we call the OR block. We were hitting all of the big towns like Shaniko, Antelope,Clarno, Fossil, Mitchell, etc. To say that the roads are awesome is an understatement.




And yes all of the gas stations in Shaniko are now closed.

The only picture I have of the 3rd day is of Jeff obeying the sign. I think Don's pictures of that day are awesome. And his extra four gallons of gas saved the day. Thanks Don!


On the last day we took Highway 22 to Detroit and then headed north on 46 which turns in a excellent well paved goat trail. From 46 to 42 which is even smaller. We were telling Jeff about the great views but with the rain and fog, I don't think he believed us. 42 Leads to leads to Highway 26 and then Highway 35 and the Hood River. At Hood River the sun came out and we were dry the rest of the way home.

Once we crossed the Columbia we looked for a spot to take in the views and talk about a great trip. Old High 8 was the perfect answer.




Twas an awesome road show with these two. Both ride hard, don't do anything but smile and make me smile. Cheers.



We still had some great riding yet to do. Old Highway 8 to the Canyon Rd to Highway 142 up and out of the Klickitat Canyon. That little stretch of road is good enough that it should be in OR. We finished off the ride with a rather spirited ride through Yakima Canyon on Highway 821.

Four days, 1690 miles and lots of friends, a man can't ask for much more.

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I need to download and upload some pics but for now...

"On the last day we took Highway 22 to Detroit and then headed north on 46 which turns in a excellent well paved goat trail. From 46 to 42 which is even smaller."

The Wife and I were coming back from Tuna fishing in Ilwaco a month ago and found this road " honey let's take this black squiggly here" as I pointed at the map, what a great road!

Great to see you again my friend, likewise with many others and good to make the new acquaintances as well!

I guess I'll wrap up my 3rd RR with a couple observations. I rode up to Roseburg from Sac on Thursday and met Dan--aka daasch--who's got his super-clean '13 for sale on the forum here. And it looks pretty much perfect. Amazing it's still for sale at the price, but I guess it IS almost October. If anybody needs an FJR, you could do worse. Good luck with the sale, Dan

So Dan sold me his Canyon Cages, and better yet, he installed them on my bike. Nice. I had to take my highway pegs off to fit them, but I'm sure I can mount the Kuryakyn pegs and 90o extensions onto the CCs somehow. I'll probably offer up the original Wild Bill mounting plates on the PIF; they got a little bent over the last 150,000+ miles, but they still fit. Highway 138 connecting Roseburg to 97 and LaPine was really fun and scenic on Friday, and the meet was good as always. A good turnout and the weather was good too--not hot, not cold. Just right. Like Goldilocks. And it's always good to see friends again, and make new friends. Seems like good people just show up at these things.

I rode out on Saturday with some of the boys, turned out they could all ride the wheels off of me, so I was the one who they seemed to be waiting for a lot, but I enjoyed it anyway. Great roads, good bunch, a really good lunch (Jay posted pics), and back in time for a kind of amazing banquet put on by Ray's buddy Joel and his restaurant staff. Great food, maybe WAY too much of it, but lunch on the road Sunday was unusually good.
By the way, I know you put in a lot of time with the hotel, the food, the shirts, and everything else, Ray--so another big Thanks! to you and your girls.

I had a really nice ride Sunday down to 138 again, and then cut southwest on hwy 230 toward Medford, and then 199 into Cali. An incredible day of more perfect weather and really fun roads--ups and downs, lefts and rights, and all the scenery you could take in. Hit Eureka and took my daughter out for dinner, and left for home Monday morning. I had the luxury of plenty of time this trip, so the usually boring ride into Sacramento was a LOT better than usual. It was going to be 99o in the valley, so I stuck to the coast. Wandered through the Avenue of the Giants again, and then discovered my new very favorite road in California! I've never taken the turnoff to US 1 at Leggett from 101 before. It adds time to the ride, but holy COW, what a FUN road! Beautiful as the Avenue of the Giants, but add in lots of steep ups and downs and four million curves. FUN curves, that you can really link together. Probably 30 miles of that, then another 20 of the very most scenic coastline I've ever seen on the Pacific. Really. I wish I'd taken pictures of most of it, but sometimes you're just too busy to do that.

I ended up taking 1 all the way to Bodega Bay, an incredibly fun stretch of road, and the heat of the day was down a lot by the time I got inland very far. I don't think I've ever had as much fun riding home from a meet as I did those last two days. And since the meet was a winner too, guess I'll give it about ten out of ten.

Avenue of the Giants. You've seen pictures of it before, but this one's got MY motorcycle in it.


And this was the best place I could find to eat my deli sandwich I'd been carrying around all day. Not bad.


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Was on that road on my old Concours going what I thought was pretty fast when I got passed by a guy on a GS beemer with a girl on the back that was my size. The girl was taking my picture on the way.

A great ride today, Mill Valley to Thousand Oaks CA. Rode CA 1 from the Golden Gate Bridge to San Luis Obispo, then US 101 which runs along the coast for most of the way South. Lots of smoke from a fire on Vandenberg AFB. Lots of wind down south too.

Saw my first CHP just South of Hearst Castle, he payed me no mind, good thing as I'd just passed a long string of Asian tourists gawking at sea lions or something. The trip was pretty good, ran out of the Maritime Layer and into Sunshine at Santa Cruz. A little traffic going 35 mph through the Big Sur area but I learned my lesson from Don Carver and went to the head of the line at a one lane construction zone. Had a good run to San Simeon only had to pass a few over the double yellow......ha.

The suspension work done by Dave Moss yesterday was outstanding today!

The Gray Ghost goes in the back of a truck tomorrow and I start for home. Next up, Duck Season on the High Prairie. Time to shift focus on the first day of fall.