Reuben Run 5

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Rendezvoused at 0800 Deans Diner in Clackamas with Greg "Harper" for breakfast. Nice run down 224, NF 46, N Santiam Hwy, and over McKenzie Pass to Sisters. Sisters was a goat rope with lots of traffic. Down 97 from Bend to La Pine was freshly paved posted at 50 but traffic was moving 65-70. No PoPo sightings today:). The usual suspects are in the parking lot. No sign of the Mayor of LA Pine yet.

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Heading out this morning. Fair warning...
Hoping there was time to hide the goats away.
If he wants a goat I'll have to dig one up. Shiny shouldn't mind a few maggots.

Just put up a few pictures and maybe a short video.. Close the door for 1 or 2 minutes and the Mick will be okay for a few hours.

Repeat as necessary

I know, It's sick that I know this shit.

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Ray, what are the dates for next year?

I've already told the (work) boss that I'm taking next summer off...enough of this!


Being a little selfish, but if the dates could avoid the 18th I will be able to attend. Otherwise, I will be living vicariously through the forum next year also.

Great job Ray, the weather was perfect and the people were marvelous. This mornings ride down 97 and around Shasta was a delight with beautiful clear skies. A bit toasty in the central valley with temps up to 97 but we made it home by 3. Home in time to go wash the dust and bugs off the Hippo / Bushtec.

My first Reuben Run and I had a blast. I enjoyed meeting everyone, and my thanks to the folks I got to ride with, but especially to Ray and his family, for all their work in putting the event together.

My first Reuben Run too. Thanks to Ray and everyone that helped put on this event. Had a great time trying to meet as many people as possible. With the help of Jay, Marcus and Gordon I managed to ride some amazing, new to me roads. :) Already looking forward to next year!!